DancEast in the news


DancEast is Writers Choice for Best Dance Classes in the Nashville Scene's "Best of Nashville 2014" edition.


Nashville Arts Magazine recognizes the DancEast difference! Check us out in their July 2012 issue.

DancEast is named among the Top 3 "Best Dance Schools" in the Nashville Scene's "Best of Nashville 2012" Readers' Poll.

2009 was the final year the Scene offered "BEST PLACE TO LEARN TO DANCE" as a category - and DancEast was the winner after less than a year of being in business!

TESTIMONIALS from some DancEast students' parents:

“Our experience at Danceast has been wonderful. It's a place where our daughter feels totally loved and accepted and challenged at the same time. We're very grateful. I wanted to tell you, too, how happy Bryan and I both were to see the full complement of dancers at the dance showcase. Having seen some more provocative dances at other studios, we loved that you were able to have equally challenging dances while supporting the girls' childhoods. The baseball tap routine was wonderful! What a great alternative to some of the more sexualized, adult-themed costumes and song choices we've seen elsewhere. You're creating a really special community. I teach coursework on children's development in the arts. Your philosophy isn't just a good match for our family. It's developmentally appropriate and reflects best practices in art education. – Catherine McTamaney, Professor/Director of Undergraduate Education for Department of Teaching and Learning, Vanderbilt University

"DancEast is first and foremost a community. A community of adults and children that love dance, creativity and the learning process. My daughter Alice pleaded for ballet lessons from age 2 on. After looking at several options we decided to enroll her in Creative Movement when she turned 3. The fit was fantastic. Every instructor works with the specific needs of the student to transfer basic positions and concepts to the youngest learners. It is as if each instructor is doing individual lessons with the child and at the same time radiating the importance of group movement. My daughter loves the classes, her new friends (and of course tutus) and we are excited for more. In addition, I had real trepidation about “dance parents” and “stage moms” where the emphasis on competition versus pure joy of dance would overwhelm me. I found at DancEast the opposite is true. I developed real bonds with mothers and fathers, shared tights and stories and really feel like it is creative community not just for my dancer, but for my family. The Spring Dance Showcase embodies this sense of parent commitment versus competition. Volunteers make costumes, run the sound board, help organize dancers on stage and take photographs. The result isn’t a recital, but a dance program that builds community." - Jennifer Cole, Executive Director, Metro Nashville Arts Commission