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- Jan-May 2018 - Each class will meet a total of 17 times. The pay rate is set to cover 15 classes, to allow for 2 cancellations per class in case of inclement weather or other issue without the need to schedule a make-up class. (This refers to the cancellation of the entire class by DancEast, not to individual absences; see next policy regarding individual make-ups).  If additional class cancellations are necessary, make-up classes will be scheduled or that portion of tuition will be reimbursed. Exceptions may be made in cases of force majeure.

- If a child misses a class, he or she may “double up” the following week, attending his or her regular weekly class AND a comparable class.  A make-up class should always be taken within two weeks of returning to DancEast.  The studio should be contacted via e-mail prior to the desired make-up class, so the instructor can be notified.  Only plan to attend that make-up class if you receive a confirmation e-mail response please. We are not able to accommodate every make-up class request. Please note how many classes can be made up each semester (2 September-December and 2 January-April). Make-up classes may not "carry over" from one semester to the next. No make-ups will be allowed during the month of August, as it hinders classes getting started. We also don't allow make-ups in May, as it hinders Showcase preparations.  

- Cost for student participation in the Spring Showcase (venue, first costume, instructor pay, etc.) is included in the overall tuition rate.  The only additional costs associated with the Showcase will be ticket purchases and costume fee for second and additional classes. Parents may sometimes also be asked to provide a portion of costuming (in the form of a base leotard or similar). 

- Withdrawal: Enrollment in a class indicates a commitment to attend that class for the entire session.  However, we do understand that students sometimes need to drop classes.  We ask for notification VIA E-MAIL of intent to drop out of a class before the 15th of the final month of attendance.  We can only honor drop requests sent via e-mail to or We can then refund the balance if tuition was paid in full or cease monthly withdrawals invoicing.  For example, if your child will no longer attend classes as of December 1, please notify us by November 15, and we will refund the cost of classes for December-May or cease withdrawals as of December 1.

- Late Enrollment: We will consider accepting students in classes with available spots on a case-by-case basis. Tuition will be pro-rated accordingly. We do not pro-rate for summer enrollments, because the summer make-up policy is so generous. All registration confirmations will include information regarding tuition amounts and payment amounts.