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NEW *** Beginning Hip Hop Class***

Saturdays 12:00-1:00- January 26- March 2 Ages 10- teens -$100 for the six week series



Tap for Musical Theater, Mondays 1:40-2:25 PM, Ages 12-17 (1 payment of $90 or 2 payments of $50 each)

Dance for Musical Theater, Mondays 2:30-3:30 PM, Ages 10-17 (1 payment of $100 or 2 payments of $60 each)

(Students should have at least some prior experience in dance - ballet and/or jazz for the Dance class and tap for the Tap class. Having learned choreography to dance in a show counts!)

6-class series Jan 14-Mar 4 (no class Jan 21, Feb 18)

Dance is integral to Musical Theater, and Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms; most Musical Theater choreography is given using French terms from Ballet, so it's important to know those terms for auditions and rehearsals. (Auditions run quickly, so it's helpful to know the lingo.) Training in Tap and Jazz - and some knowledge of Ballroom dance and Partnering - can be incredibly helpful to the Musical Theater actor, as well. And of course - Broadway-style dancing isn't just about dance! It has a look and feel that must be conveyed to an audience. We'll cover all of these intricacies and aspects of movement in our Dance for Musical Theater Workshops at DancEast!  

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 Registration open for available spots (noted below). Classes begin week of Jan. 7 and finish May 9-15.

(Currently enrolled students need not re-register. 2018 enrollment secures position in class through May 2019.)




Mondays 4:10-4:55 pm for ages 5-8 SPOTS AVAILABLE

Mondays 5:00-6:00 pm for ages 9-13 SPOTS AVAILABLE

Hip Hop

Mondays 6:05-6:50 pm for ages 8-12

Mondays 6:55-7:55 pm (intermediate/advanced) for ages 13-17

Contemporary Technique*

Mondays 5:00-6:00 pm (intermediate/advanced) for ages 13-17

Ballet Technique*

Thursdays 4:50-5:35 pm for ages 13-17

Thursdays 5:40-6:25 for ages 10-14

Saturdays 1:00-2:00 pm for ages 10-14 (begins Sep. 1 and ends Apr. 27)

Pointe/Pre-pointe Technique*

Saturdays 1:00-2:00 pm for ages 13-17 (begins Sep. 1 and ends Apr. 27)

Pointe Performance

Mondays 6:05-6:50 pm (intermediate/advanced) for ages 13-17

Acrobatic Dance

Wednesdays 6:40-7:25 pm (beginner/intermediate) for ages 7-11


Wednesdays 4:45-5:30 pm (beginner/intermediate) for ages 8-14


Thursdays 4:50-5:35 pm (upper intermediate) for ages 10-14

Thursdays 4:00-4:45 pm (advanced) for ages 13-17


Wednesdays 5:35-6:35 pm (beginner/intermediate) for ages 8-14


Thursdays 6:30-7:30 pm (upper intermediate) for ages 10-14

Thursdays 6:10-7:25 pm (advanced) for ages 13-17


*Classes designated “Technique” will not culminate in a performance in the May Dance Showcase. Rather, the focus will be on improving dancers’ technical expertise in the genre of the class.



Breakdance is an energetic and often acrobatic style of dance that incorporates intricate footwork and even pantomime. It's a great way to burn a lot of energy while learning about rhythm and increasing strength and flexibility. Dancers of all ages love learning to be B-boys and B-girls at DancEast!

Hip Hop dance is a street-inspired style performed to hip-hop music and reflecting hip-hop culture. Each class includes an upbeat warm-up followed by urban dance choreography unique to the instructor's style.        

Contemporary dance is the most current form of dance today, borrowing from Ballet, Modern and Jazz to create a uniquely 21st-century style of movement. Class at DancEast incorporates the choreographic aesthetic of the instructor with exciting and unique musical choices.

Ballet is an artistic dance form performed to music using precise and highly formalized steps and gestures. Classical Ballet, which originated in Renaissance Italy and established its present form during the 19th century, is characterized by light, graceful and fluid movements.

Pointe is the form of classical Ballet in which a Ballet dancer supports all body weight on the tips of fully extended feet wearing Pointe shoes.

Acrobatic Dance is the perfect class for increasing flexibility and strength while also increasing dance ability. Not to be confused with Gymnastics, Acrobatic Dance is the performance of movement that requires balance, coordination and agility.       

Tap turns a dancer's feet into percussive instruments, and it's a wonderful genre to help build musicality.  

Jazz dance has its roots in African and European dance traditions, but it is a uniquely American style that developed in conjunction with the rise of Jazz music. Jazz class at DancEast is fun and energetic, and it allows dancers to showcase their individual styles through unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns.

Modern dance, not to be confused with Contemporary dance, evolved during the late 19th/early 20th centuries as a means to move away from the classical movement of Ballet dance. In practice, it simultaneously borrows from and rejects the teachings of Ballet, incorporating such techniques as contract-and-release, emotion-based improvisation, use of gravity to enhance movement and pedestrian movement.