The following classes are open-level (beginners welcome!) drop-in classes (no pre-registration required) unless otherwise noted! Each class is $10, but if you take 2 classes in one day, the 2nd class is only $6**! We also offer class cards at 5 classes for $40 (good for 3 months) and 10 classes for $70 (good for 6 months).

**2nd class discount only applies to those who pay $10 for 1st class, not those who use class card for 1st class 

DancEast's Drop-in Classes (no pre-registration):

*These classes are intended to be taken by adults, although we are open to teen dancers attending with parental permission. (Call or e-mail to obtain that permission.) Thank you!

(Scroll past schedule for class descriptions and attire/footwear recommendations.) 



Ballet (open-level) with Erin 8:00-9:00PM

Jazz (open-level) with Lindsay or Carrie 8:00-9:00PM (instructors alternate)    


Hip Hop (open-level) with Lindsay 6:45-7:45PM  

Ballet (open-level) with Whit or Rachel 6:50-7:50PM (instructors alternate)  

Latin Fusion (open-level) with Courtney 8:00-9:00PM

Contemporary (open-level) with Lindsay 8:00-9:00PM


Hip Hop (open-level) with Dorse 7:30-8:30PM   

Contemporary (open-level) with Carrie 8:30-9:30PM 


Heels (open-level) with Carrie 8:00-9:00PM (heels optional)  


A note about attendance: we typically get a nice turn-out in our adult classes, but should just one dancer come for any class, it is at the instructor's discretion whether to run the full hour-long class or offer a 30-minute private lesson (still a great value at this price). We appreciate your understanding!

Our Tap dance series for adults DO require pre-registration (and class cards cannot be used for Tap series classes). New series will begin January 13 and registration is now open. Click here to reserve your spot in class TODAY! 

Beginner Tap Series, Sundays, Jan 13- Feb 17- 5-5:50 PM with instructor Alex Winer - Pre-registration required, $70 for 6-class series
This class is for those who have never tapped, those who tapped in the past but need a thorough review of basic tap skills, and those who would like to continue to work on the skills they learned in past classes at DancEast! 

Intermediate Tap Series, Sundays, Jan 13- Feb 17- 6-6:50 PM with instructor Alex Winer - Pre-registration required, $70 for 6-class series
This is the perfect class for those who already know how to tap dance and are interested in learning a bit more and just having fun dancing!  

Advanced Tap Series, Sundays, Jan 13- Feb 17- 7-7:50 PM with instructor Alex Winer - Pre-registration required, $70 for 6-class series
This is a great class for those who already know how to tap dance and are interested in being challenged to learn some new combinations (and get a great workout in the process)!  

PLEASE NOTE: Registration for a tap series assumes you will attend those classes (or at least the majority of those classes). Instructors will not be able to offer individual make-up classes or take-home material for you to learn at home should you miss a class. Attending subsequent session classes as "make-ups" for missed classes from the session prior will not be an option.  

Class Descriptions:

Jazz dance has its roots in African and European dance traditions, but it is a uniquely American style that developed in conjunction with the rise of Jazz music. The class is fun and energetic, and it allows dancers to showcase their individual styles through unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns. 

Latin Fusion is an exciting mix-up of Latin dance styles - from street to ballroom. The class offers a diverse exploration of movement dynamics. Each class will introduce a new blend of styles - including Salsa, Bachata, Reggaeton, Cha Cha Cha, Afro-Cuban, Cumbia, Samba and more - while also integrating more familiar foundations for movement, such as jazz and hip hop. Ballroom/Salsa/Latin dance-style heeled shoes are optional (soft soles only, please - no street shoes) and won't always be used (depending on the style of that particular class). 

Hip Hop dance is a street-inspired style performed to hip-hop music and reflecting hip-hop culture. Each class includes an upbeat warm-up followed by urban dance choreography unique to each instructor's style.   

Ballet dance is a regimented and technical form of dance with roots in the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th century and a unique vocabulary based on French terminology. Class at DancEast makes it accessible and fun, offering the rigor of Ballet exercises within an eclectic and entertaining class that can be enjoyed by beginners and seasoned dancers alike. 

Contemporary dance is the most current form of dance today, borrowing from Ballet, Modern and Jazz to create a uniquely 21st-century style of movement. Class at DancEast incorporates the choreographic aesthetic of each instructor with exciting and unique musical choices.   

Heels dance is both a muscle-toning dance workout and a choreography-based experience - incorporating elements of Jazz and Hip Hop dance to pop music. Heels are optional (but encouraged), and as with all DancEast classes, both women and men are encouraged to attend. 


Attire: We're not picky! Please plan to wear something that allows you to move freely and feels comfortable for you. We recommend you NOT wear anything restrictive (like jeans) - even for Tap classes. For Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz and Stretch/Yoga classes, please consider wearing something at least slightly form-fitting, so the instructor can see your form enough to make helpful corrections. Bring a mat for Yoga and Stretch classes, please. 

Footwear for Dance Classes:

Ballet: ballet shoes or bare feet

Hip Hop: dance sneakers or tennis shoes (clean soles, please)

Contemporary: bare feet - and bring a mat for Yoga, please

Jazz: jazz shoes or bare feet

Tap: tap shoes - preferably with low heels (as opposed to character-style, high-heeled shoes)

Heels: heels optional


Interested in private instruction with one of our DancEast Instructors? Please contact us directly and we will be happy to connect you with one of our instructors! The rate is $70/hour.